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Magic mushrooms, also known as shrooms, belong to a group of polyphyletic fungi that humans use for their medicinal properties. When used correctly, magic mushrooms can help people deal with a range of physical and psychological conditions. The main ingredient in magic mushrooms is known as pilocybin. This compound is responsible for the psychedelic effects typically associated with mushrooms. Psilocybin is the main hallucinogenic component found in magic mushrooms. This psychoactive component makes magic mushrooms the most popular naturally occurring psychedelics. In the UK, you can buy magic mushrooms online.

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Because of the prohibition, MDMA is unregulated. As a result, “Ecstasy” tablets and “Molly” powder can vary widely in strength. Often, they contain no MDMA at all but rather different, more dangerous drugs. Always test your MDMA before consuming it. (Dance Safe sells testing kits online and at the booth.)

MDMA increases the risk of heat stroke. About 20 people per year in the US die of heat stroke after taking MDMA. Remember to take breaks from dancing, cool down, and stay hydrated. Some people have died from drinking too much water after taking MDMA. You can buy MDMA online at the Psychedelic Mushrooms Store.

When the body's electrolytes (salts) dilute, a condition known as "hyponatremia" occurs. Stay hydrated, but don’t drink too much water. About two cups per hour are all you need.

Studies have shown that high doses of MDMA can cause damage to serotonin axons in laboratory animals. It is possible that similar damage can occur to human recreational users who take high doses too often. Buy MDMA online here.

Although most users feel fine the next day, often describing an “afterglow,” some people experience depression the day after taking MDMA. Taking more MDMA at this point won’t make you feel better. This is because MDMA works by releasing a natural chemical in your brain called serotonin, and you only have so much of it in storage. It takes about a week or two for your brain to replenish the serotonin released by MDMA. Buy MDMA Crystals Online

Mixing MDMA with alcohol, stimulants, or other drugs can increase the risk of adverse reactions.

MDMA is illegal, and a conviction for possession or sale can carry long prison sentences.

Be self-aware! If you choose to use MDMA, knowing why the best way is to maximize the benefits and reduce the risks. Whether it’s for therapy, self-exploration, or purely for recreation, understanding your intentions will help you assess whether or not they are being met. Buy MDMA crystals here.